Flip Math and Web 2.0 to Go!

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1. Flip Video cameras and digital still cameras in math

  • Will the use of Flip Video cameras increase student engagement in learning?

  • Will the Flip Video cameras provide opportunities to assess learning outcomes in a way that is useful to assess learning outcomes in a way that is useful to both teacher and student?

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2. Dr. Stirling McDowell Research Grant

  • Can we increase student engagement with the grades 6-8 social studies curriculum outcomes using web 2.0 tools and technologies.

Web 2.0 Tools we plan to use as part of our project:

1. Blogs
Grade 4 blog

2. Wikis

3. toondoo.com
  • Grade 7 example-what do they understand about looking after ecosystems?

4. voicethread.com
  • Grade 6- How is Canadian culture similar and/or different than cultures in other countries that border the Atlantic Ocean?

5. animoto.com
  • Grade 8- What is my Canadian identity?

6. xtranormal.com
  • Video made to help with transitioning issues-moving to the Comp

7. Storyjumper.com

8. glogster.com

9. delicious.com

10. prezi.com
Prezi meeting example

Adobe Connect
Regina Visitation and Mayor chat about globalization